General Information

Your hospital admission will be arranged by your doctor who will inform you of the day and in some cases, the time you need to come to hospital.

Often the hospital may also phone you to confirm your admission time but follow your doctor's instructions if you don't hear from the hospital.

On your admission day, please go to the main reception desk at the main entrance of the hospital.

After your admission has been registered by our reception team you will be transferred to an appropriate admission area.

In this area you will often meet with your Anaesthetist and be prepared for your surgery.

You will go directly from here to the operating theatre. If you are having day surgery, you will return to this area.

If you are staying with us overnight or for a few days after your operation you will be transferred to your ward after surgery.

You may be admitted to the hospital on the day prior to surgery if your Doctor believes this to be important.

Please note that if you are being admitted for reasons other than surgery or in some surgical cases you will be admitted directly to your room.

Mount Hospital has both private and shared rooms each with an ensuite.

We will endeavour to provide you with a private room for your stay if this is your wish but this will not always be possible.

Please note that depending on your level of private cover you may also incur additional charges if you request and receive a private room.

Our rooms all have personal televisions, with radio, telephones and nurse call facilities.

Local calls are free of charge.

Wifi is also provided free of charge. Connecting to Wi-Fi

Your health fund may also provide free daily newspapers, if you are not covered by your fund for this you may purchase one from the Ward Clerk.

For admissions to the Mount Hospital Day Surgery Unit please present at the hospital main reception located on the ground level.

Before your procedure

On arrival to the unit you will be asked to wait in our Day Surgery reception. There is limited space available in the unit, but you are welcome to be accompanied by a member of your family or a friend.

Your personal items will be identified and stored safely. It is important that you do not bring any valuables with you on admission. A member of the nursing staff will finalise your admission and you will be asked to change into your theatre garments and a dressing gown.

All of your relevant health history will be obtained during this process.

We will also require the current details of your next of kin to ensure that someone is available to transport you home when you are discharged.

Patients are admitted according to the order of the theatre list, not necessarily in the order that they arrived to the unit.

After your procedure

After your procedure you will be transferred to the recovery unit where you will be given time to recover post-surgery and offered light refreshments. If you have any special dietary needs please advise your admitting nurse.

Our nursing staff will monitor your post-operative recovery.

Your doctor may request that you stay in the unit for a minimum of two hours post-procedure if you have had a general anaesthetic.

Once your doctor has reviewed you, you are welcome to leave the unit.

You must have a responsible adult accompany you home and preferably stay overnight after discharge.

If your procedure requires overnight hospitalisation, your personal items will be transported to your room.

Discharge time is 10 am. We ask that you make arrangements to be picked up accordingly.

If you are unable to leave hospital at this time, you may be asked to vacate your room and wait in a patient lounge.

Things NOT TO DO for the first 24 hours after leaving hospital:

  • Activities which requires coordination and/or a high level of alertness
  • Drink alcohol
  • Drive a motor vehicle. Motor vehicle insurance policies may be void in the event of an accident.
  • Sign any legal documents
  • Use any dangerous machinery and tools.

N.B Your doctor will advise if the time frame varies on any of the above activities.

Click HERE to access our fees estimate request form. Please email your completed form to

Insured patients and private health insurance

Mount Hospital has agreements with all major private health funds to cover the hospital charges for your admission.

Depending on your level of cover, some policies require you to pay an excess or co-payment and you will be asked to pay this prior to, or on admission.

In addition, health fund policies require members to serve waiting periods before they will provide cover, and some levels of cover have excluded services.

Pre-existing ailment rules may also apply and your cover may be subject to these rules. We therefore strongly recommend that you contact your health fund to confirm your cover prior to your admission.

Your account for hospitalisation will include your accommodation and theatre fees and other chargeable items in accordance with Healthscope's current fee agreement with your health fund.

You will be asked to complete and sign a health insurance claim form on admission. We will submit your claim directly to your health fund on your behalf.

It is important that you know that in the event that your health fund rejects your claim for reimbursement for any reason, the hospital will seek to recover any amounts outstanding from you. This is why it is important that you check your level of cover with your health fund prior to admission.

It is important to note that you may incur out-of-pocket expenses from any of the following during your stay:

  • Pharmacy
  • Pathology
  • Imaging or x-ray
  • Surgeon, physician or anaesthetist
  • Prosthetics or consumables not covered by your fund.

All out of pocket expenses will need to be paid prior to, or on admission. The following payment methods are accepted:

  • Credit card (1.5% surcharge for Visa and MasterCard. Please note we do not accept AMEX)
  • Cash
  • EFTPOS (please note that most financial institutions have a daily limit of $1,000)
  • Bank cheque or money order. Personal cheques are not accepted.

Self-funded / without private health fund cover

If you are a self-funded patient you may be required to pay an estimate of the total amount of the hospital account prior to admission to confirm your booking or the estimated total cost on admission.

You will be required to pay any positive difference in your account on discharge. If the amount paid by you was in excess of the amount required to cover the cost of your care you will receive a refund from the hospital.

Estimated hospital costs will be provided prior to your admission by your Doctor or the hospital. We endeavour at all times to provide an accurate estimate, but unforeseen circumstances can occur and additional costs may be incurred.

Workcover/Worksafe/Third Party Insurance

If your admission is as a result of a Workcover/Worksafe, Third Party or Public Liability claim, the hospital will require prior written approval for your admission from the relevant insurance company.

Your admission cannot be confirmed or proceed until this approval is received.

At Mount Hospital we look forward to welcoming you.

Before you arrive there is some important information you should know.

Our Admission Information booklet outlines everything you need to know about your stay including what to bring and what not to bring, what amenities are available whilst you are here, the procedure when leaving hospital and your follow up care.

Mount Hospital has a long-standing practice and commitment to consumer and community participation. We endeavour to integrate genuine consumer and community participation in order to:
• Respect consumer's right to participate in decision-making processes
• Improve the safety and quality of provided healthcare services
• Improve patients' healthcare outcomes and
• Provide equitable care and access to services that are responsive to the needs of our community

Mount Hospital is committed to providing a high standard of care and service. The hospital places a strong focus and importance on patient feedback concerning our patients and their respective hospital experiences. We welcome feedback from our consumers, families and visitors. While everyone is pleased to hear compliments and praise, we also want to know if you have concerns about any of our services.

Who can provide feedback?
We encourage feedback from anyone who has used our services, as well as from people not directly involved such as visitors and families of patients. Regardless of your connection with Mount Hospital, or with our consumers, we value your feedback. We are very committed to privacy and confidentiality, so we may ask for consent from the patient or their parent(s) prior to responding to you. You can also provide feedback anonymously, however we may not be able to investigate your concerns fully if we are not able to discuss them with you.

How can I provide feedback?
To ensure the quickest and most direct response we invite you to contact the unit, department or ward concerned. They are in the best position to provide up to date information concerning processes, waiting times or reasons for particular decisions.

Mount Hospital ‘Your Feedback’ Pamphlet
In units, departments and wards there are feedback pamphlets in order for you to tell us about your experience on the day or during your stay. Please ask your nurse or Nurse Unit Manager if you cannot easily locate one. Once completed there is a secure feedback box in the main reception area on Ground Floor to deposit your feedback to us, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Online Feedback or formal consumer complaints
If you would like to make a formal complaint, please speak to your nurse and/or Nurse Unit Manager or
Go to

Patient Surveys
If you have provided us with your email address on admission you will receive an email upon discharge. You will then be invited to complete a short survey. Your feedback will assist the hospital in prioritising areas for improvement.

Executive Walk-Arounds
Each month, Executive team members conduct walk arounds in units, departments and wards to speak with consumers and hear about feedback.

Further information
• Health and Disability Services Complaints Office (HaDSCO) at: ; Complaints and enquiries line: (08) 6551 7600 or in writing at The Health and Disability Services Complaints Office (HaDSCO), GPO Box B61, Perth WA 6838
• Health Consumers’ Council at:; freecall 1800 620 780 or in writing at PO. Box C134 PERTH WA 6839

We offer a complimentary Preadmission Clinic service to better prepare you for your hospital stay.

Please allow up to one hour to complete the preadmission process through the clinic.

If you require major surgery, will be hospitalised for stay periods of three days or longer (i.e. joint replacements, spinal surgery or thoracic surgery), or are nervous about your surgery, you may be asked to book an appointment at our Preadmission Clinic.

The purpose of the appointment is to assess your fitness for surgery and anaesthesia, to streamline your admission and to provide you with the best possible preparation for your surgery.

Your appointment may include:

  • A comprehensive nursing assessment
  • Blood tests and x-rays may also be arranged.
  • Completion of admission forms
  • Discharge and after-care equipment arrangements
  • ECG, blood pressure, temperature
  • Education relating to pre-surgery and post-surgery procedures.

Please bring with you the completed forms that your surgeon has given you, including your signed surgical consent form, a list of any previous operations that you have undergone and your current and previous illnesses.

Our Preadmission Clinic is conveniently located onsite in the Mount Medical Centre in Suite 46, Level 4, 146 Mounts Bay Road, Perth.

If you would like to make an appointment please contact our friendly preadmission staff on 9327 1100 ext 2004, visit them in person or ask your doctor's rooms to make an appointment for you.

Requests for access to your health records held by Mount Hospital can be made through our Health Records Department.

The Privacy Act allows you to request your medical records. If you are requesting health records/information on behalf of another patient, you will need to provide current authorisation in writing from that person allowing you to access their health records/information.

If you are applying for health records/information of a deceased patient, you will need to provide evidence that you are the Executor of the Will. If more than one executor has been nominated, all parties will need to sign the application form and provide certified ID as applicable. If the patient had not made a Will, the court may grant Letters of Administration to an appropriate person who may then make an application for a copy of the health records. All documents provided in support of applications of deceased persons health records, must be certified by an appropriately qualified person.

How much does it cost?

There may an administrative fee depending on the size and nature of the request, this is to cover photocopying, staff resources etc. All fees are determined by Healthscope policy.

How long does it take?

All requests are processed within 30 days of receiving the application or once payment is received if applicable.

How Do I Apply?

You may apply by downloading and completing the below Request for Release of Information form. Signed photographic identification (such as a photocopy of your driver’s license or passport) must accompany the application form. Applications will not be processed without the accompanying identification.

If you are only after discharge summaries/certain dates/events, we suggest that you apply only for the relevant information by including dates or information on your application form. This will assist us to process your request in a timely manner.

Once you have completed the form it can be returned to the hospital via one of the following methods:

Fax: 08 9483 2888
Post: Mount Health Records, 150 Mounts Bay Road, PERTH WA 6000

Request for release of information


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