Dr Michael Prichard commenced his practice as a consultant in respiratory medicine at Mount Hospital in 1986. Perth Sleep Clinic was founded in 1995 as a 2-bed overnight sleep unit and moved to Mount Hospital in 1998. Over the years the Sleep Clinic has expanded in size to its current configuration of 6 beds & also offers the following services;

  • Sleep and Respiratory physician consulting
  • Supervised overnight diagnostic sleep studies for all sleep disorders
  • Treatment sleep studies – pressure titration and assessment of response to CPAP, NIV; and MAS.
  • Daytime nap studies – MSLT and MWT
  • CPAP therapy initiation and troubleshooting (in conjunction with a CPAP provider)
  • Portable (home based) sleep studies
  • Actigraphy and sleep diary for assessment of insomnia
  • Respiratory function assessment: PFT, spirometry, provocation testing, FENO for asthma assessment, oxygen assessment.
  • Cardiopulmonary exercise testing.
Some services are also available at branch locations.

Perth Respiratory and Sleep Clinic
Suite 27, 146 Mounts Bay Road,
Perth, 6000
Ph: 08 9481 2244
Email: admin@perthsleep.com.au

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