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Perth Breast Clinic

We believe accurate assessment of breast symptoms leading to early diagnosis is the key to successful management of breast cancer.

The Perth Breast Clinic is operated by breast physicians who are doctors with an interest and expertise in diseases of the breast.

The clinic offers a coordinated assessment of new breast symptoms, breast screening and counselling for high risk patients, as well as ongoing follow-up after breast cancer treatment.

The breast physicians working at the Perth Breast Clinic are members of a multi-disciplinary team of doctors at the Mount Hospital Medical Centre.

Other members of the team include breast radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, oncologists, radiotherapists, nuclear medicine specialists, breast care nurses and physiotherapists.

The team meet regularly and work together with the aim of providing optimum coordinated specialist breast care.

Patients are encouraged to firstly discuss any breast concerns with their general practitioner.

Although a referral is not necessary, it is helpful as the information provided on the referral will assist the Perth Breast Clinic in establishing the urgency of the assessment.

A referral also enables the Perth Breast Clinic to arrange appropriate investigations for the day of assessment.

For an appointment, please contact 08 9483 4621.

At your appointment you will see a breast physician who will take your medical history and perform a clinical breast examination.

If necessary, radiology and/or pathology investigations will be arranged and these services are located on site.

Once the radiology report is received, you return to the Perth Breast Clinic to discuss the results with your breast physician and to arrange any additional investigations.

Every effort is made to arrange additional investigations, such as needle biopsies, on the assessment day, however some results may not be available for 24 to 48 hours.

Results of the needle biopsy and ongoing management plans will then be discussed between you and the breast physician.

Every effort is made to complete the full assessment on the day of the initial appointment.

In view of the complexity of some assessments, this process my take several hours to complete.

It is not necessary to have private health insurance to attend the Perth Breast Clinic, however because this is a private clinic, there is a cost for consultation.

Radiology and pathology will incur additional costs and Medicare will cover a proportion of these accounts.

The Perth Breast Clinic recognises that the discovery of a breast symptom can be a very stressful experience.

We endeavor to respond promptly to requests for appointments and to provide a caring and supportive environment.

Breast Care Nurses are available to support patients throughout the assessment and treatment.

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